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A true cost-effective and easy to manage solutions. We help businesses to save their cost, space, energy and number of physical servers using leading virtualization technologies such VMWare, Citrix and Hypervisor

Virtualization isn’t just for large corporations and enterprises. Although many virtualization solutions are catered toward bigger companies, there are several that also let small businesses simplify their IT and provide employees with anytime, anywhere, any-device-access to resources.

Whether you’re interested in desktop virtualization, workspace virtualization, network virtualization, automating IT tasks or other time- and money-saving virtualization services, some providers make it easier and more affordable for small businesses to do so.

Below are the virtualization solutions Micro Systems is dealing with:

  • VMware – As a pioneer in the virtualization industry, VMware offers a wide range of virtualization products and services that make IT less costly and easier to manage for all types of companies, including small businesses. Its end-to-end solutions include the VMware vSphere with Operations Management, a virtualization platform known for its high reliability and used by businesses around the world. It delivers powerful computing that can handle multiple workloads with maximum uptime and optimum performance. It also offers headache-saving features, such as simplified network services and administration, consistent IT task automation, efficient storage systems and robust security to protect users’ data and applications.
  • Citrix – the makers of remote desktop tool GoToMyPC and online collaboration tools GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, also offers several virtualization solutions suitable for small businesses. One such solution is VDI-in-a-Box, a scalable desktop virtualization service. VDI-in-a-Box is easy to deploy and manage. Anyone with Windows expertise can centrally manage the service and grant user access, reducing desktop management costs like hiring IT specialists and virtualization experts and purchasing extra equipment and multiple software. Another option is XenApp Fundamentals, a turnkey solution that lets small businesses easily, instantly and securely virtualize applications for the entire organization.
  • IBM – From virtualizing desktops to servers and storage, IBM offers many types of virtualization solutions that lower cost and maximize agility for small businesses. Using VMware’s virtualization platform, IBM’s virtualization services offer improved IT services by providing an enterprise-class IT infrastructure on a small business budget. IBM Express Servers, for instance, is designed specifically for SMBs. Users can choose from four different plans based on their requirements: the popular IBM System x, the easy to deploy IBM Power Systems, the multi-server IBM BladeCenter or the advanced IBM PureFlex System Express.
  • Symantec – Symantec offers both virtualization and virtualization security solutions. For instance, its Workspace Virtualization service makes it easy to centrally deliver apps and manage devices, while security packages minimize the risks of migrating to and using virtualized environments. Although virtualization providers have their own security measures in place, Symantec offers further protection and complete backup and security solutions for virtualized environments. Its VMware-integrated security system aims to deliver comprehensive protection, enabling businesses to quickly recover critical data and applications in the event of a disaster or security breach. Symantec also provides end-to-end security visibility, threat detection and other safeguards for all virtual machines. This protection is extended to physical environments, delivering continuity across all devices in the organization.
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