Park Place Tech

We’re partnered with the Park Place Technologies, the global leader in Data Center Maintenance. Supporting EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP, Dell, Hitachi, Cisco and legacy systems.
Together we offer the following maintenance services:
• Storage Maintenance
• Server Maintenance
• Network Maintenance
• Hardware Services


ParkView Automated Support monitors your hardware 24/7 so you don’t have to.
• ParkView leverages machine learning to establish dynamic baselines used to identify anomalies or failures.
• When an event is detected, a ticket including the exact nature of the issue and the parts needed to remediate, is opened automatically.
• There’s no need to call us, we call you.

Other features:

• Identifies events across a wide range of OEMs and generations.
• Informed alerts result in better prepared responses delivering a 97% first-time fix rate and 31% faster mean time to repair.

Security features are based on your company’s unique requirements and all data transmitted to ParkView is • SSL encrypted

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